What Are Cultured Diamonds?

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With the advent of new technology, diamonds can now be grown in laboratories instead of being harvested from the ground. To help you gain an insight to them, here are 4 main pointers that you should know about them…

#1- The term cultured diamonds is more of a marketing concept than a scientific term. The manufacturers are trying to consistently use a term that has a better “feel” to it than a colder term like synthetic diamonds.

#2- Cultured diamonds have the same brilliance, luster, fire, hardness, refractive index, and specific gravity as natural diamond…. in other words cultured diamonds have the same chemical, optical, and physical properties as a natural diamond that was mined from the earth.

Click here to see how a cultured diamond looks like in real life and how it interacts with different lighting conditions.

#3- Anytime I talk about these type of diamonds (man made, synthetic, cultured diamonds, etc), I do need to remind people that some of the companies that make and or distribute Cubic Zirconias or some other diamond simulants will use these exact same terms (man made, synthetic, cultured, etc) in describing their products that are not diamonds.

They will try to convince you that what they are offering is actually diamond (or has many of the properties of diamond) but in reality it is not diamond….  please be careful. Always read all information very, very carefully.

This will only reinforce the idea that it is always a good idea that you have a diamond grading report from a well-respected lab.

#4- The manufacturers also use the term cultured diamonds because it is a similar process to what happens with pearls. There are natural pearls that form without any the help from humans and there are cultured pearls that are formed after humans place a “seed” into the mollusk to get the process going.

They both have taken different routes to becoming pearls and you will need to consider their formation when determining a proper value. Just as with pearls where there will be a price difference between a natural pearl and a cultured pearl… there will also be a price difference between a blue natural diamond and a blue cultured diamond…

And let me tell you that it is actually a considerable price difference!